Spring is here and the season is beginning, our landscapes are waking up from a long winters nap. Now is the time to have your irrigation system check up so it is ready for the new season. 

        Here are a few tips that will keep your lawn looking lovely while conserving water and staying within budget.

Timing is as they say”EVERYTHING”
Resetting timers so your sprinkler system runs before sunrise or after sunset will help keep your water costs down . Watering lawns during this period not only cuts down on water loss due to evaporation caused by the heat of the day but also because there is  less wind diffusion during these hours. Don’t forget to reset your timer to adjust timings during seasonal changes when daylight hours increase (i.e. fall to summer) and daylight savings.

Check your heads 
Sprinkler heads can be big source of water waste, but also an easy way to cut usage. Properly maintained heads will control water volume and distribution. Replacing broken heads and adjusting heads to avoid overspray on sidewalks and structures can save 20 gallons per day or more! 

Check for pipe Leaks
Once your system is up and running for the season, take a walk around the property and look for evidence that there may be an underground pipe break. Some obvious signs are areas of wash out or excessive run off. Plants that are either too wet and soggy or too dry and droopy may also indicate a below ground pipe break. Untended to leaks can consume 
Thousands of gallons of water and big water bills. 

Spring Start Up & Maintenance Check
Call Chesapeake Choice Services at 410-956-1911, to reserve your Spring Start Up and Irrigation System Check up appointment. Where a qualified irrigation technician will activate and program  your system for the season, run each zone, adjust the heads and check for evidence of leaks or needed changes or repairs.

          Have a specific question or ready to schedule your appointment call us at 410-956-1911 or email chesapeakechoiceservices@verizon.net 
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