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In order to bring water from your homes water supply outside to your new sprinkler system an plumbing tie-in takes place. This portion of the work will be completed by a backflow certified plumbing contractor, you can expect your water supply to off for approximately 2 hours while it is installed. 

All inside tie-in plumbing will be done in copper pipe and fittings and will extend to the outside of your home in copper. Where this copper line exits a brass backflow prevention device will be installed. 
The type of backflow device being utilized, either a  PVB pressure vaccume breaker valve PVB or a reduced pressure zone valve RPZ will be determined by the elevation and slope of your property and local code. 

After the backflow device the copper line will extend down under ground where it will transition to the irrigation system with 1" pvc pipe lines that will now safely carry water to your sprinkler system. 

All irrigation systems are required by local code to be equipped with an approved backflow prevention device. This assembly provides a mechanical barrier between your irrigation system and your home drinking water thereby protecting your family and your neighbors from contaminants such as weed killers and or fertilizers that with out this device could back up into into your home drinking water or the public water supply. You may also be required by your local municipality to have this device tested annually. 

If you have an existing sprinkler system and do not have a backflow device; for your safety have one installed today.

The Irrigation tie-in and backflow prevention
Image of an OPEN PVB backflow device.
Note the blue handles are in line with the direction of the pipe
Image of an CLOSED PVB backflow device.
Note the blue handles are perpendicular to the direction of the pipe 
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