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Enjoy an evening sampling some of the lighting effects we can create for your home.
Chesapeake Choice Services is proud to install Alliance, Cast and Vista LED Lighting systems. The leading manufacturers of landscape lighting fixtures with strict standards in reliability and safety. Professional grade fixtures featuring  high impact lenses and weather tight seals. 
Low-volt landscape lighting uncovers the hidden beauty of your home and landscape. It accentuates the finer details of your landscape and hardscapes and extends the your living and entertaining spaces.

Many people spend thousands of dollars remodeling their outdoor living spaces only to enjoy them for half the time; during the day. With a new low voltage LED landscape lighting system we will bring those spaces to life creating a beautiful setting to be enjoyed both day and night. 

Strategically placed fixtures's around your home and landscape illuminate entry points making it risky for would be thieves. 

Landscape lighting also helps to increase safety for you and your visitors as illuminated path's, steps and other obstacles become visible and easier to navigate.
Latest advancements in lowvoltage LED landscape lighting make LED a wise choice. Here are a few reasons to consider installing an LED Lighting system or upgrading an existing lowvoltage halogen system.

1.Lower Energy Costs : One LED lamp consumes an average of $0.01 per hour vs $0.10 per hour for halogen, a savings of 90%

2. LED operates on 8 to 14 volts, reducing  circuit breaker fault & transformer overload

3.Now available in 2900deg Kelvin temperature or what is better known as "WARM WHITE" color.  No more harsh blue-white tones.

4.LED lamps last longer! LED maximum burn time is up to 50,000 hours  vs. halogen lamps at 4,000 hours 
Energy Saving
Lighting Techniques
Directional lighting placed along walkways, pathways and borders to lead homeowners and their guests to the main door or main area of attraction. A very popular lighting element that increases safety  illuminating the beginning and ending of paths as well as any low plant materials and steps along the way.
Path Lighting
Used to highlight  a special feature, tree or statue. Uplighting places the light source on the ground recessed  into  the ground and angled up to highlight the special feature; casting shadows to give it definition dimension and texture.
Up & Accent Lighting
Spot Lighting
Much like uplighting but the focus of the light is aimed directly at the object to make it stand out against its background. Perfect for fountains, statues, or small signs. 
Moon Lighting
Fixtures are mounted high in mature trees, as the light cascades downward beautifully mimicking the effects of a full moon as it dances off branches and filters through leaves dappling the area  below with a soft  moonlit glow. Perfect for driveways, landings, pathways, patios and pool decks where there are mature  trees in which to mount the fixtures. 
Lighting fixtures placed to gently wash across a textured or semi textured surface such as stucco, brick or stone to accent their high points and create shadowing effects in their low points. Perfect for providing a gentle wash of light for the front of your home, garage or retaining wall. 
Wall Washing/Grazing
Deck & Step Lighting
Flush mounted fixtures are intalled on stair risers or walls along the stairs to illuminte the steps and walking area. Can also be mounted along top edge of outdoor kitchen bars and retaining walls to illuminate wall below. 
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For more information on our lighting products please clink on the manufacturer links below
Alliance at www.allianceoutdoorlighting.com 
Vista Lighting at www.VistaPro.com
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CONTACT US  410-956-1911
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