Irrigation Start Up Service Includes
  Open irrigation supply valve & backflow valve 
  Activate and program irrigation controller for spring watering season.
  Replacement of battery in controller as need ( battery cost not incl. )
  Inspect and adjust sprinkler heads as needed 
  Run each irrigation zone and survey for any needed repairs or suggested modifications       commonly due to maturing landscape, plant growth or landscape changes. 

In-season Irrigation Service Check Up Includes 
  Run each zone /heads; inspect for and note any necessary repairs or suggested           modifications due to maturing landscape, plant growth or landscape changes. 
  Make any necessary sprinkler head adjustments for wet or dry areas or plant growth
  Adjust run schedule for seasonal increase / decrease as needed

Irrigation Winterization Service Includes 
  Close and tag main irrigation valve
  Shut down backflow valve
  Drain down any interior pipes to system 
  Evacuate all water from irrigation system via CFM induced compressed air 
  Disable controller 

Pricing for the above maintenance services are based on the number of irrigation zones your system has. Please call 410-956-1911 for your system size pricing. 

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Chesapeake Choice Services 
 locally owned and operated 
over 25 years of dedicated professional service.

  Irrigation & Lighting 

Chesapeake Choice Services 
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Chesapeake Choice Services' experienced technicians are highly qualified
to install, maintain or troubleshoot any
 Irrigation or landscape lighting issue you might have with exceptional service.

If you already have a system installed, we can help you maintain, repair or upgrade your system too.
Routine maintenance to keep your irrigation system in good working order is very important. In the late fall our technicians will winterize your system to protect the system from freezing and breaking, and in the spring CCS will return to re-activate your system and get it ready for the upcoming running season. We also recommend an in-season check up of the system. So if you want the best looking lawn on the block give us a call. 
Chesapeake Choice Services custom designs irrigation systems of all shapes and sizes from the quaint bed and breakfasts of downtown Annapolis to large commercial properties and restaurants and every size in between; each system is expertly designed to suit the unique needs of the lawn and landscape and be the most efficient, lasting, high quality system while remaining budget friendly. 

Not only do we work with home and property owners we also work with builders, landscape contractors, HOA's, property managers and corporate property owners.

So whether you want the best looking lawn on the block or need to irrigate your entire commercial property we are ready to design your new sprinkler system. Call us at 410-956-1911
Most of our irrigation systems can be installed within 2 weeks of contract agreement. The length of time it takes to install the system depends on the size of the system and if the property is ready for us to begin or if we are coordinating your installation with a builder on landscape contractor who is completing another project for you. The average system takes 2-4 days to complete. It is not necessary for you to be at home for the installation, however we will need to have access inside for the plumbing tie-in for about 2 hours and if your control unit is being installed inside your garage we will need garage access through out, most homeowners just leave the garage available to us and go about their normal daily routines. 

Chesapeake Choice Services employs an installation technique which uses a specialized machine to pull the PVC pipe underground through a very narrow slit in the soil; not an open trencher which can leave large disturbances throughout the property. This process allows for the least amount of disturbance to your landscape. After installation your landscape is carefully checked and tamped as needed and overseeded where necessary.  

Once the new system is fully installed we will walk you through your new sprinkler system and demonstrate its use make sure we have answered any questions you may have had. We are not done until you are 100% satisfied! 

Chesapeake Choice Services technicians are highly qualified and ready to help you repair, modify or upgrade your existing irrigation or landscape lighting system no matter the size or type. You can count on our 20+ years of experience to get your system back in shape. 

Converting your existing landscape lighting system to new LED system will pay off quickly with fewer service calls to replace expired lamps and the energy savings is significant with LED systems drawing 1/10th the energy of the older halogen systems. 

Repairs are billed on time & materials with a 1 Hr. 

Call to schedule your service request 410-956-1911

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